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This site is about do-it-yourself audio, and is divided into three main sections as visible in the left menu.

Speaker Workshop: you will find useful information on how to project an acoustic speaker using a freeware program. I will show you how to measure: Thiele/Small parameters, impedance response, tuning frequency, frequency response (near field and far field), network transfer function, measuring technique to simulate the crossover. A complete setup for using Speaker Workshop is described, including all the necessary connections.

Projects: in this folder are stored all the audio components that I have built. At the moment there are two not conventional speakers, the double chamber reflex and a dipole speaker with subwoofer, an oversampling DAC, to end up with two power amplifiers. Most of my projects were published on audioXpress magazine.


Articles: my studies on speaker building are available in this section.


 In the Download folder there are many useful programs, which use you will discover while browsing my site, as well as the PDF version of my Speaker Workshop tutorial. Check the News for knowing of the last adds, and have a good navigation!


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